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Avengers Stress Test the Movie Lounge

If you have been following the international fan frenzy that has seized Avengers fans across the globe with the upcoming release of the fourth and final film, Endgame, then you probably know internet ticket providers have struggled, strained, and outright crashed attempting to handle the traffic of patrons seeking advance tickets. With opening weekend grosses expected to breach one billion — yes, billion with a “b” — it might come as no surprise that lightening strikes home right here in the heart of the Blue Ridge.

In January we began offering three ways to purchase advance tickets: through our website, Fandango, and by walking in. When we announced the date advance tickets were to become available, the early Nation-wide Thursday night premier sold out in a matter of hours. It wasn’t long before the late Thursday night superhero smash stepped in line, Friday evening had no tickets to offer, and weekend ticket sales trickled in as subtle as the Hulk in a china shop.

To live and work in The Lounge can sometimes be as casual as a conversation with an old friend and at other times a struggle to stay afloat waters of legal paperwork, popcorn, and Peanut M & M's. This time it was the latter and after three days of nearly sleepless nights all our hard work has paid off -- at least the smiles on Patrons' faces and their kind words radiate those impressions.

Movie Loungers both new and old ready for Avengers Endgame

Now in the waning hours of our early premier night, tonight (Thursday... Wednesday AM circa 1:30 rather) has been exhausting yet exhilarating. Between familiar local faces showing up, vacationers and visitors finding their ways to comfy couches, and wondering Marvel enthusiasts stopping by as they pass through our neck of the woods, folks from South Carolina to Texas took pause of their calendars to screen (possibly) one of the highest grossing films of the year and perhaps all time.

What could be called a cinematic magnet, Avengers has agents, film brokers, film exhibitors and scores of industry workers navigating a whirlwind of semi-organized chaos. But after all, isn't that what we strive for?

And in the midst of the storm all is well at The Lounge. Little Feby made a last minute road trip to Grandma’s house — with no objection of course — where she enjoyed strained green beans and Grandpa’s take on International Relations. As for us, we still believe we have the greatest job in the world located in our beautiful pocket of the Blue Ridge and will return home glowing after having the opportunity to share our little Gem with others as they travel home with Marvel adventure stories of their own.

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